The ABGB loves bikes. We love rolling up and over our hills: to work, to dinner, to Barton Springs, to music festivals, etc. We dig seeing familiar faces in random places (you biked here, too?): it all keeps Austin feeling like a town we still know.  And we especially love seeing folks ride up to our bike rack. As big as our parking lot is, it isn’t big enough. So every bike is one less car. Add all the above up, and we’re happy to do everything we can to keep making Austin better for bikes. That’s why it’s one of our Hell Yes Projects.

The idea behind the Hell Yes Projects is to prove out our philosophy that beer has the power to make everything better. Sharing times with friends. A fresh, hot slice of pizza. Seeing a great band. And, of course, after nice ride, getting something cold to drink.  Hell yes, beer makes all of these things better.But we also believe that beer has the power to make our entire community better. We believe we can harness beer’s innate goodness and put it into action improving our neighborhood and city and enriching the lives of lots of folks.

So Hell Yes to making our city for safer, better, and more fun for cyclists. To get things started, we’re doing some cool stuff with some of our friends for May’s Bike Month.

We’re partnering with the Ghisallo Foundation, who’s mission is to educate and develop youth riders into cycling experts who integrate bicycling into their daily lives. They’re sponsoring Bike-To-Eat Week from May 1-7. You can receive a 10% discount on your bill here at The ABGB if you arrive by bike! Just show us your bike helmet, or even better, a selfie of you out front on your bike (share the love with a #hellyes hashtag). For all the details, and all the cool other folks who are participating, visit: or

We’re also hosting Please Be Kind to Cyclists’ Bike Month Wrap Party. They’re a great organization that raises awareness and promotes mutual respect between drivers and cyclists on the road, creating healthier and more harmonious communities.  Our party will be on Sunday May 31. We’ll be having a great Sunday afternoon to help sign folks up for their cause, and to share some beer, food, and good times.  Check them out here:

To co-celebrate American Craft Beer Week, which falls inside Bike Month, we’re doing something we’re calling: Bikes, Brewery, and Barton Springs. Come meet us here at the ABGB, take a tour of our brewery, and then ride bikes with us over Barton Springs for an evening jump into the pool. If you ride with us, and your swim is on us. It’s happening on Thursday evening, May 14. For how to sign up, visit our event page at:

And Bike-To-Work Day is the day after, Friday May 15. So, ride to work! And after you get off the j-o-b, ride on over for happy hour with us. Our house band, Little Mikey And The Soda Jerks, will be playing happy hour, and we’ll have special prize for everyone who rides here for the show.

There’s more to come, too. So stay tuned. We’ll see you out there with your bike helmet on, and we’ll see you here.  #hellyes #beermakesitbetter