The Hell Yes Projects: Literacy Coalition of Central Texas

lct hellyes


We started the ABGB with the philosophy that beer has the power to make everything better: Sharing times with friends. A fresh, hot slice of pizza. Seeing a great band. Hanging out in the shade. Hell yes, beer can make all of these things better.

It’s also our belief that our beer has the power to make our entire community better. We believe we can harness beer’s innate goodness and put it into action improving our neighborhood and city and enriching the lives of lots of folks.

Proving: #beermakesitbetter   …that will be the mission of The Hell Yes Projects. Can we get a “Hell Yes”?

Our first project will be a partnership with the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas. We say “Hell Yes!” to assisting them in their efforts to improve and increase the quality and availability of literacy services for Central Texans.

We’ll be hosting a Spelling Bee to pick The ABGB team for the The Great Grown Up Spelling Bee on Thursday, April 30th. That’s right, teams of three representing local businesses will compete to be the “Best Spellers in Austin”. Interested in being part of our team? Contact:

And we’ll be working with them in ongoing relationship to further their mission at all levels: students, volunteers, and staff.  Can beer (and pizza) be a good incentive? Hell Yes.