Build-A-Bike Holiday Lunches = 50 Bikes for Ghisallo!

Hell Yes, we did it!

We built our goal of 50 bikes for Ghisallo Cycling Initiative! Ghisallo, our Our Hell Yes Project partner, is a awesome non-profit that provides youth bicycle classes and clinics to kids all over Austin. Over 15,000 Austin-area youth participants have attended Ghisallo’s bicycle riding, maintenance, and safety Bike Club and Earn-A-Bike classes since 2013.

Our Build-A-Bike Holiday Lunches are simply friends and co-workers getting together in groups big and small to have lunch (and sometimes, some beer!) and help deserving kids get the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike… opening their  world up  to the park, the pool, their friend’s house, and school.

A big thank you to Christopher Stanton, Noni Boloni, and Girmawi James of Ghisallo Cycling Initiative for coming over and eating lunch during all these bike builds. Ha. Seriously, you guys rule.

Next year, if you’re reading this, we’ll be raising our goal to even more bikes. We’ll need you to say “Hell Yes!”, too.

Thank you and Hell Yes to these fine folks and all the folks that came with them:

  • Powell, Ebert & Smolik, P.C.
  • Mo Movember Bikes! -Seth and Eddie
  • Kevin Fain
  • National Instruments
  • Shelli Longfield
  • Beth Donnelly
  • Catahoula Mama’s
  • Alex Codlin
  • Tom Collier
  • EEA – Scott Simmons and Team
  • Jessica & Jesse Venticinque
  • Argo Design
  • Jill and Anna Knobloch & Friends
  • Dynamic Reprographics
  • Adam Stern
  • Matthew Wallis
  • Tim Steckler
  • TexMed
  • Ashrae-YEA
  • Eric deValpine
  • Joellen and Emmitt Peters & Friends
  • Sara Schoenfelder
  • Maria and Mark Jensen
  • Charles and Millie Clark
  • Clark
  • DNV GL
  • The Waldorf School
  • Dell
  • The ND Club of Austin- Andrew Willis Holly Ammerman Avelino Rivera
  • Rob & Cari Sherlock

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