PERFECTING THE CRAFT: Brian Peters and Amos Lowe are brewing up good things at Austin’s newest brewpub, the ABGB

[an excerpt from ATX Man by Jane Kellogg, Summer, 2013]

It’s a dream that’s been fermenting in the minds of one of Austin’s pioneer craft brewers for some time now: a German-style brewpub and beer garden, nestled in the heart and soul of South Austin. After almost a year of planning and months of construction, the much-anticipated Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company—or the ABGB, for short—is finally ready to open its doors. NOTE FROM THE ABGB: WE ARE WORKING TO GET OPEN BY MID-AUGUST

Admittedly, the name doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as easily as their in-house craft brews. But it’s the product of a perfect union—Amos Lowe, the mastermind behind the idea and ultimately its construction, and Brian “Swifty” Peters, a veteran in the brewing world and a legend among aspiring home brewers. The two men share similar backgrounds—both are established engineers—but Swifty got a head start in the world of craft brewing, making his first home brew batch in 1989. A failure analysis engineer for GM, Peters came to Austin in 1991 to work for AMD. read more