A‑Town GetDown 1030p  •  Huggy And The Feel Goodz 9p
at The ABGB
Saturday, August 19
Show 9:00PM

It’s going to be a party. See you here.

A‑Town GetDown

In a town celebrated for its rock and roll, country and alternative roots, the musical collective known as ‘A-Town GetDown’ stands out from the crowd in the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ by offering a unique mix of original rock, R&B, sultry soul and a modern take on the classic funk sound. The band was formed in 2014 by a talented group of seasoned performers and friends with the simple goal of creating music that makes people want to dance. A-Town GetDown has created a loyal following by hosting carefully crafted events that include other great local artists and by playing dynamic set lists filled with fun music. ATGD has proven Austin isn’t just weird, it’s pretty funky too. Members Quincy Cooper, Casey Byars, Jordan Caulfield, Damon Garcia, Greg Goldsmith and John Voss have been lucky enough to share the stage with national touring acts and have played some of the most storied venues in the area. A-Town GetDown is down to funk, are you?A-Town GetDown

Huggy And The Feel Goodz

Huggy & The Feel Goodz
Huggy & The Feel Goodz is a seven-piece Soul and R&B group comprised of Jonathan Huggins (frontman), Louk Cox (musical director), Chase Goldman, Greg Clifford, Xavier Davis, Dan Price, and Ari Burns. Influenced by Emily King, D’Angelo, and Marvin Gaye, The Feel Goodz consider themselves “New R&B” with soulful performances, traditional instrumentation, and a modern take on the warm, nostalgic sounds of classic R&B records.