The Hell Yes Project 'Christmas In July' Build-A-Bike Parties
at The ABGB
Tuesday, July 23

Beer + Pizza + Party = Bikes for Kids

Looking for a great lunch or work escape idea for your co-workers or a group of your super-cool friends? This one helps ​gets deserving kids riding bikes!

Say “Hell Yes!” to getting together with your friends and co-workers and gives kids the opportunity to learn to ride to the park, the pool, their friend’s house, and school.

Your group purchases one (or two, or 10!) bikes for donation, and builds them with bike mechanics from Ghisallo (with beer​, ​pizza,​ and awesome ​camaraderie)!

This bikes will become part of Ghisallo Cycling Initiative Bike Start (Learn To Ride) program fleet. You’ll give the gift of learning to ride a bike for the first time to more kids across Austin!

It only costs $250 to sponsor a bike. Your donation goes directly to Ghisallo and is tax-deductible! And, even better, woombikesUSA is matching every sponsored and built bike with an additional bike! Hell Yes!

Ghisallo Cycling Initiative is a 501c3 nonprofit providing youth bicycle classes and clinics to kids. Over 15,000 Austin-area youth participants have attended Ghisallo’s bicycle riding, maintenance, and safety Bike Club and Earn-A-Bike classes since 2013.

These parties can be booked anytime between 7/23​ and ​7/28. To reserve your Build-A-Bike Party, send an email to:
then visit: