The Hell Yes Project: Austin Pets Alive Long Stay Dog Love Day!
at APA! Town Lake Animal Center, 1156 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78703
Wednesday, July 18
Show 9:30AM
Ends 12:30PM

Let’s shine a light on a deserving doggie and help a pup find its forever home.

The primary focus of ABGB’s partnership with Austin Pets Alive! is with their Long Stay Dogs: amazing dogs that have been with the shelter for 300+ days and are still waiting for their forever homes. They are all looking for love, ready for a family.

This monthly volunteer event is to help Austin Pets Alive! find these great dogs homes. We’ll be going out to APA!’s Town Lake Animal Center location for a morning of fun volunteering (enrichment activities, and kennel set up) and then we’ll all hang out with one of their Long Stay Dogs.

And here’s the really fun part! In addition to giving a great dog some extra love, we want our volunteers to help us create a social media “Hell Yes!” for this deserving pup. Share a selfie with the dog, sing the pup a song, write it a haiku, whatever you got! Use your creative talents and your social media skills to help get the word out about a great dog. Imagine how great will it be if somebody you know, or somebody who knows somebody you know, falls in love with the pup and adopts it. Hell Yes!

Volunteers slots are limited to 20 people at this link:

​Volunteers are asked to bring one of the following:
38oz bag of Pup-peroni
40oz bag of Beggin’ Strips (any flavor)
These are available at HEB

Even if you can’t join us, we still need you. Share every post you see and get in on the saying of Hell Yes to the these great pups!