The Heavenly States 10pm Wrenfro 9pm
at The ABGB
Friday, September 11
Show 9:00PM

The Heavenly States

The Heavenly States came together in 2002, united by a shared passion for complex and cathartic rock bursting with literate, provocative lyricism. A series of acclaimed albums and a seemingly endless capacity for touring – including a landmark 2005 trek to Egypt and Libya – confirmed their status as one of America’s fearless music outfits, flying the flag for self-determination and intelligent, energetic rock ‘n’ roll. The Heavenly States produce songs imbued with emotional complexity, driving energy, and plenty of spit and fire. At times earnest and vulnerable, at other times infused with grit and fury, THS songs range from simple SST-inspired grenades to works of layered and symphonic sweep. Some songs recall the folk and cowpunk of THS favorite, the band X, while still others exude the cool remove of acts like Spoon, Steve Malkmus, or Talking Heads. Whatever the tone of a particular song, a commitment to melody always shines through.


Tony Scalzo of Fastball and Kevin McKinney of Soulhat. A powerhouse of songwriters & musicians, Wrenfo is the most exciting new band in Austin and are sure to be regarded as one of Austin’s best. With pop melodies, rock riffs with the occasional twist of reggae and country, you can’t put them in a box, but you can be assured they will hit a note with just about any music lover.