The German Sparkle PartyStarring Fröetzel
at The ABGB
Thursday, October 29
Show 8:00PM

It’s back. Put on your rubber boots, y’all. As part of our Austin Beer Week festivities, we bring you a night of revelry and beer. A night for everyone to come together and immerse ourselves in flashy lights and big beats, and make friends of strangers.

Suggested attire: Something unusual, fun, sexy or all of the above. And party pants.

Suggested thirst level: Thirsty.

The beer: German Sparkle Party
An American Pale Lager. A lager that thinks it’s a Pale Ale. Big American Hops flavor. Crisp, clean and bright. Ready to party.

The band: The uber-schmancey-fancy-dancey-party band, Fröetzel.


Originating from the Bavarian techno underground scene Fröetzel is simply described as a South Austin German Space Garage Pop Electronic Eurodance Rock band with elements of Bitpop Doo-Wop Hip Hop and a tinge of early 80’s East Berlin Folktronica. Fröetzel is a party in your pants and your pants under your pants.