The 5th Anniversary Party Leo Rondeau 6p  •  Little Mikey and The Soda Jerks 4p
at The ABGB
Sunday, September 02
Show 12:00PM
Ends 10:00PM

Happy Birthday to us!
We’re having a party to celebrate our 5th Anniversary, and you are definitely invited! And this year, it’s on a Sunday, giving you all of Labor Day to recover! So, party on.

An awesome line up of beers! Come thirsty!

Just the basics, so we can party hard!

It’s a Super-Sized Sunday Best!
6p- One our all-time favorites: Leo Rondeau!
4p- Our very own House Band- Little Mikey and The Soda Jerks!


Say that you’re “going (you’re not just interested, are you?), and stay tuned!

Leo Rondeau

Originally from the Turtle Mountains in North Dakota, Leo Rondeau now calls Austin, TX his home. His songs describe interesting characters in both mundane and extraordinary circumstances. The storytelling, enhanced by catchy melodies, earned him a Songwriter of the Year nomination from the Academy of Texas Music. His record “Take It and Break It,” is built with the simple approach of good songs and good sounds. The songs take on a cocky persona that struts through the speakers.

Little Mikey and The Soda Jerks

Based in Austin, Little Mikey and the Soda Jerks started in June of 2004. They’ve since released 4 full-length albums. Their latest effort, Conoco Club, is for sale at their shows.

Amos Buchanan Lowe- pedal steel
Travis Austin Norman- electric guitar
Michael Clark DeLeon- vocals, acoustic guitar
Morgan Weeks Stinson- bass, backing vocals
Aaron Samuel Ward- drums