Surly Gates 10:30  •  The Memphis Strange 9pm
at The ABGB
Saturday, March 05
Show 9:00PM

Surly Gates

Surly Gates create strange moods pierced by the golden harmonies of five eagle cries. Over the course of the last 2 years, Austin-based quintet Surly Gates has worked to craft a sound that defies easy genre classification, but their DNA is undeniably rock and roll. The songs exude a classic, decidedly American sound, pulling from garage, desert, west coast and southeast sounds as inspiration and blending them into a shimmering, harmony-cloaked, reel-to-reel mosaic.

The Memphis Strange

The Memphis Strange is an Austin, Texas-based good-timing, rocking little country band…or a yee-hawing, country-flavored rock & roll band. Either way. For further information, write the good people at Memphis Strange Int’l HQ. Or just make it up as you go…