The Sunday Best Wilkinson’s Quartet
at The ABGB
Sunday, May 19
Show 4:00PM

Wilkinson’s Quartet

Wilkinson’s Quartet
Wilkinson’s Quartet is a play on my name, Candler A. Wilkinson IV. 
Sometimes i go to work as a duo, a trio, a quartet, a quintet, a sextet, a septet, sometimes i perform by myself. The fact is that with out me, Candler IV, there is no Quartet. I write and perform a variety of musical styles, Western Swing and Swing music are the main forms of my musical output. Though any night or day, you may hear jump blues, country blues, traditional country, yodeling, cowboy songs, be bop, boogie woogie tunes, ragtime music, fiddle tunes, songs in foreign languages, etc.