Sunday Best Johnny McGowan’s Rugged Gents
at The ABGB
Sunday, November 17
Show 4:00PM

We call it the Sunday Best… because there’s no better place to be on a Sunday afternoon than with us at The ABGB.

Hang out under the trees.
Drink some beer (that’s all made here).
Hug your friends.
Have a sandwich… or a slice or two.
Swing your partners.

That’s Sunday Best.

Johnny McGowan’s Rugged Gents

Austin Tx, Live Music capital of the World, is steeped in tradition, and recent transplant Johnny McGowan keeps that classic country custom alive with each note of the melody and strum of the guitar.

With his Smoky Mountain drawl, southern swagger and fiery guitar, Johnny savors every show and immerses himself in every song. His band the Rugged Gents are an extension of his spirited personality and genuine soul.

With thousands of honky-tonk bars, concert venues and hill country dance halls under his belt, Johnny McGowan’s Rugged Gents can wow any crowd from the Pan Handle to the Sunshine state, from the Big Apple to the Big Easy. Expect authentic, from-the-heart singing with mind blowing guitar work.

Grab onto your cowboy hat, it’s gonna to be a wild ride!