Steep Cats
at The ABGB
Friday, September 09
Show 10:00PM

Steep Cats

Evincing inspiration from the smokey jive of Chicago, the strutting soul of Detroit and the saturated tones of San Francisco, the Steep Cats can boogie, swing, jump, jam, freak out & get down! Cauterizing twin guitar work is held in orbit around the weighty thump of restless bass and a monster backbeat. These progressive throwbacks growl, shout and proselytize their way through breakneck shuffles, effervescent grooves, slippery R&B palpitations and feverish psych dreams. Like a ship on the sea, the Steep Cats roll and tumble the whole night through.

Mark Creaney – Guitar and Vocals
Will Rhodes – Guitar
Zac Bryant – Bass
George Duron – Drums