The Sunday Best Roger Wallace
at The ABGB
Sunday, May 22
Show 4:00PM

Roger Wallace

“An absolute standout in a competitive field of new-era honky-tonk performers.” –Barry Mazor, No Depression Magazine

“His sultry vocals are still as powerful as ever on ‘It’s About Time’, but this time he’s back with a stripped-down set of hillbilly and honky-tonk, one that’s surprisingly rhythmic despite the lack of drums” …. “Once again, Wallace’s songs and the confidence he displays in performing them remain impressive and timeless.” — Jim Caligiuri, The Austin Chronicle

“…On his fourth and finest outing, Roger Wallace gets it, big time. Loose and goosey, old school in vibe, yet with digital clarity and flowing as naturally as a creek in spring, ‘It’s About Time’ captures that sparse yet note-perfect musical setting… And then Wallace sings it all in a fluid voice rich with his own personality, creating classic country as it was, is and always should be. — Rob Patterson, Texas Music Monthly

“In a city teeming with singers both good and great – Austin, TX, naturally – Wallace is, to put it bluntly, one of the greatest; not just for today, but for all time.” — Chris Bolton, Country Music People, UK