at The ABGB
Saturday, September 14
Show 9:00AM

Queue Queue 10p
Named “Best New Local Act” as part of the The Austin Chronicle’s 2017 Music Critics Poll, Queue Queue is a three piece all female ensemble from Austin, TX known for using loops, heavy atmospheric guitars, vocal harmonies, bass, and drum kit to create their post punk/psych pop sound. A fan describes the vocal interplay: “As if Carpenter, Hynde, and Quatro got together and did shrooms while listening to Sonic Youth.”

dd dagger 9p
DD Dagger is recording a record with Sao Paulo producer Bruno Serroni entitled the Sao Paulo Sessions; on Loop Reclame Records, Brazil. The first single is Slipped into Sin! It is a duet with Brazilian Singer Papisa. Papisa and Dagger are booking a tour together in Brazil for November. Stay tuned.

Queue Queue

Queue Queue is a three piece, all female ensemble from Austin, TX, known for their unique post punk/psyche creations. Their sound blends influences such as The Breeders,Cocteau Twins,and The Velvet Underground – soaking with loops,heavily effected guitars,and outstanding vocal harmonies.
Comprised of veteran Austin musicians Mary Streepy (from the electronic performance art band,The Buglies), Austin Music Hall of Fame recipient Carrie Clark (of the psychedelic noise pop band,Sixteen Deluxe) and Claire Hamilton (of chillwave/dream pop band,Paraguay),Queue Queue’s debut in May 2016 and subsequent soft release of their demos has been generating a steady buzz across the Austin music scene.

DD, a.k.a Allyson Lipkin, is a visual artist, performer, and entertainer. She started playing alto saxophone, singing, and performing live in clubs in her mid 20’s. Her first band, “Deep Sombreros” became a local Austin, TX favorite with their comical stage antics and old world-inspired jazzy tunes. Allyson was a co-writer for the band’s music along with the 3 brothers Grant (Peter, Ian, Christian) who played guitars and upright bass, respectively. The band made only one record, “Quien Es El Pinche Hombre” (Southern Love) and was featured on a KVRX Local Live CD with local stars …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Daniel Johnston, and the Texas Meat Purveyors. The Deeps created a big buzz locally, made 2 videos (one of which reached the top 10 in the Austin Chronical Music Pole and was directed by local hot-shot Paul Minor). The band was featured many times in independant television, films, and local radio. She also continually sat in as a side woman and session player on sax for many acts from the national rock scene that came through Mike Vasquez’s Sweatbox Studio.

After the Deep Sombreros broke up, Dagger had a new resolve to write and compose a full set of her own music she formed The Easies on guitar with guitar player turned Drummer Kevin Hoyas (Simple Circuit) and soon after picked up bass player Jeff Linton (The Damn Times, The Stepbrothers, Sons of Hercules). They made a record together called “Aspirins and Band-Aids” (Topple Records) at Sweatbox Studio. It and has sold over 300 copies and is featured on Pandora Radio and Last.FM. In 2008 Kevin left the band and was replaced by Kory Cook (Sons of Hercules), but an unsteady musical crew left Allyson unsure of sustainablility. She disbanded the Easies and went solo.

As DD Dagger, Lipkin didn’t want to be another singer/songwriter. In fact, she rarely plays an acoustic guitar. She prefers the crunchy sounds of an old hollowbody or her 60’s Kay sunburst. DD Dagger’s music is steeped in character- bluesy sax runs, torch songs, tinged with some attitued- but she cuts the tension with electronic beats, organic noises, loops, and electric piano. She strives for heartfelt lyrics dipped in metaphor.

Lipkin managed to take her live show a step further and join her visual sensibilities by adding The La Pistolle Dancers, projections and visual props. Do512 Austin writes about her live show, “Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Allyson Lipkin’s dark, sexy, and maybe dangerous sense of play on stage will leave a lasting impression of a truly entertaining musical performer.”