PR Newman 10p  •  Union Specific 9p
at The ABGB
Saturday, August 24
Show 9:00PM

PR Newman

“So, how on earth did the moniker “PR Newman” surface, in which the “PR” doesn’t even refer to someone’s name, or the fact that it might be a public relations business? (Our) story is far more interesting than that; he earned the nickname “Punkrock Randy Newman” from a gent named Grimey, proprietor of The Basement in Nashville, when Garland was still playing keys for the Berkshire Hounds. Spot on. Garland thought it’d be perfect name for a solo project. After making music under other assorted names, PR Newman became the one and only. And that’s what Garland’s working on now, with Bond, Lynch and Cook on board. PR Newman’s official debut album, TURNOUT, is set for a January release, and will feature additional familiar faces making contributions on various tracks, including Mike St. Clair(White Denim, Okkervil River), Jim Campo, and Sweet Gary Newcomb. ” – Laurie Gallardo KUTX

Union Specific

Union Specific is an indie country, rock, synth, electric, folk band from Austin, TX. Does all that really fit together? Singer/songwriter, Tyler Wallace seems to think so.