Peachfuzz Playing "Catch Your Snap" & More!
at The ABGB
Friday, December 07
Show 9:00PM

via Peachfuzz:
“The longest running line-up of PEACHFUZZ was in Los Angeles from 2002-2014 with Tom Hernandez on drums and Nicole Arslan on bass. Jim Bacchi joined the band in 2007 for the release of “Catch Your Snap” on Jim Freek’s Teenacide Records. These 3 badass rock and rollers will be flying out from Los Angeles to celebrate my birthday on December 7th 2018. This is also the 11th anniversary of “Catch Your Snap” and to celebrate we will be playing the album in it’s entirety. Followed by a second set of rad cover songs and any other peachfuzz songs we can remember.”


Peachfuzz play both kinds of music. Rock and Roll.