The Sunday Best Mike Barfield and The Horton Brothers
at The ABGB
Sunday, September 27
Show 4:00PM

Your Sunday afternoon party is here… so grab some friends and come grab a beer and get your Sunday calibrated just the way you like it out on our dance floor. Mike Barfield and the Horton Brothers are coming to make you swing, twirl, whirl, and grin.

Come see for yourself, and:

Hang out under the trees.
Drink some beer that’s made here.
Hug your friends.
Enjoy some good food.
Swing your partners.

That’s the Sunday Best.

Mike Barfield

Mike Barfield is probably one of the few people on the planet who has opened for both Merle Haggard and Bernie Worrell of P Funk. He is part of a somewhat forgotten legacy of lead singers/frontmen who comfortably mix genres together.