Mean Jolene / Pollen RX
at The ABGB
Saturday, May 25
Show 9:00PM

10p Mean Jolene
Members of Mean Jolene are: Jolie, Adam, Ali, Steven and Maud.
Mean Jolene songs are energetic power-pop songs about extreme highs and lows. We will fuck you up.

“Constructed with 10 gleaming tracks, ‘Salty’ is an engrossing listen; the playful guitars wrap themselves around Jolie’s endlessly invigorating voice, which details everything from parties to personal fall-outs, from wasted days to hedonistic nights.” – Gold Flake Paint

“The songs might sound like old pop songs from yesteryear, but there’s this punk spirit and intensity that surrounds them.” – KUTX

9p Pollen Rx
Members are: Maud, Ben, Maggie, and Bryan.

“It’s raw as fuck music, both in terms of its no frills, no bullshit approach and for its true garage band sound, and single “Supply Chain” is one that’ll get pounding around in your head for a while. It’s a little bit old NYC dancepunk with a bit of D.C.’s The Evens, plus some Austin awareness and DIY that work pretty well together, with that “Coca cola, co-coca cola,” “Motorola, Mo-motorola” hook just refusing to leave the brain once it gets in there.”
-Austin Deli