at The ABGB
Saturday, December 08
Show 9:00PM

Join Koodookoo for their triumphant return to The ABGB!!!!!!
The brand new debut EP “Koo-d’etat” will be available for purchase at the #1 Large brew pub in the country (three years in a row). So grab your party panties, grab a Pils, and prepare your mind for destruction! FREE SHOW!!


Koodookoo is a progressive-rock jam band from Austin, TX with influences including rock, funk, jazz, bluegrass, psychedelia, livetronica, indie rock, and much more. Koodookoo invites you to travel the furthest reaches of the multiverse and dive into the deepest parts of your heart and mind on a consciousness-expanding journey. From the live music capital of the world, Koodookoo has developed a tidal wave of sonic abilities that bend reality, push boundaries, and transform all preconceived notions of where music can go.