Horti 10:30p  •  Finite Fidelity 9p
at The ABGB
Saturday, November 25
Show 9:00PM


Horti is a musician, music producer, artist, actor, and generally kind of a weird dude.
“By design, Jeff “Horti” Hortillosa’s Corpus Callosum doesn’t rest within one genre. Foretold by the title of his solo disc, the Whiskey Shivers guitarist invites listeners into his brain, and bluegrass ain’t on it. Instead, there’s a mélange of lush, beachy guitar licks (“Falling Down”), a cabaret ditty led by jazz clarinet (“You Can’t Make Me Pie”), and a tropicalia ode (“Beer and Condoms”) whose whistled melody sticks. Country roots also shine through the floorboards. “Pretty and Stupid” features blooming pedal steel and loping fiddle, and “Girls Named Katie & Girls Named Lynn” is a tongue-in-cheek two-stepper. Horti’s tour de cranium doesn’t follow any rules, but we’re ready for another visit.” -The Austin Chronicle

Finite Fidelity

Progressive Rock and Roll band based out of Austin, Texas. That’s all you need to know