Hooka Hey 10:15p  •  Torino Black 9:00p
at The ABGB
Friday, October 14
Show 9:00PM

Hooka Hey

Heavy grooves steeped in the blues. Smoky, sludgy sound dense and charged like the air just before a rainstorm.
“Digging deep with classic-sounding grooves redolent of Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age, Hooka Hey could be the bastard son of Jack White and an Eighties Sunset Strip band: a great spirit of soul-blues meshed with a cranked-up sleazy sex ‘n’ booze vibe.” -The Village Voice

Torino Black

Torino Black is a rock band based out of Austin, TX. With riffs and melodies influenced by home, Saul Arteta from Spain composes gypsy undertones that dance between catchy rock n roll riffs. Saul and Sisi teamed their visions and created Torino Black in 2013 and have since expanded their sound by implementing gutsy synth foundations tangled with dirty guitar tones. Their energy on stage is electric and contagious- inviting the crowd to lose themselves in the messy head-banging rock n roll groove like they do. They pride themselves in the purposeful lyrics and intentional space they create for their stories to exist. It’s all a privilege, a dazzling chaos they feel grateful to be able to live, and want nothing more than to continue living in their music with everyone. Grab a beer, and come on in amigos.