Hell Yes Project: Build Day at The House That Beer Built
at 7212 Boyle Drive, Austin TX 78724
Thursday, November 15
Show 7:30AM

ABGB Build Day at The House That Beer Built
November 15
7:30am – 4pm

Here’s your very own chance to prove that #beermakesitbetter!

It’s an ABGB build day at The House That Beer Built with our Hell Yes Project partner, Austin Habitat for Humanity. The House That Beer Built? We’re joining forces to build a home with other great Austin breweries, y’all.

Grab your slot alongside our crew of ABGB staffers & The Hell Yes Project volunteers. We’d love to have a crew of regulars, musicians, and friends! That’s you!

Check this link out, first to see if sounds like something you’d dig doing:
A few things:
1. There’s a little paperwork and an online-orientation required to volunteer.
2. “Please arrive by 7:30 A.M, dressed appropriately, prepared for the weather and ready to work! Our staff works tirelessly to get families into their homes on time, and ask all volunteers commit a full day, (8 A.M. to 4 P.M.) when volunteering; Shifts and early/late departures break project momentum.”

Here is the direct link to volunteer, grab a spot for November 15.

And, we’ll want you to tell us your shirt size!

We’ll work all day doing some good, and then come back to the ABGB and say “Hell Yes!” some more goodness.

The Hell Yes Project: proves our philosophy that #beermakesitbetter. We use the goodness + power of beer to help the efforts of our local non-profit partners. https://theabgb.com/hell-yes-project/