at The ABGB
Wednesday, December 05
Show 11:30AM
Ends 5:00PM

Beer + Pizza + Party = Bikes for Kids

Looking for a great holiday lunch idea for your co-workers or a group of your super cool friends?


Say “Hell Yes” to getting together with your friends, co-workers or family to help local-area kids have the opportunity to learn to ride their bike to the park, the pool, their friend’s house, and school.

Ghisallo Cycling Initiative is one of our The Hell Yes Project‘s nonprofit partners. They provide bicycle classes and clinics to children. Over 29,000 Austin-area youth have benefited from participating in Ghisallo’s various programs since 2013!

By saying Hell Yes, you’re helping Ghisallo with a few of their innovative programs: Bike Start and Bike Club as well as helping them replace aging bikes in their high volume Bicycle Skills Challenge program fleet.

Holiday Bike Build lunches can be booked between 11/27 & 12/23.

Sponsoring a Holiday Bike Build is only $300 per bike thanks to our partnership with woomBikesUSA, who is matching each bike with a $150-$200 in-kind donation (MSRP $450-$500 based on woom 4, 5, and 6 pricing) AND for each bike built, they will donate a woom 1, 2, or 3 (12″, 14″, or 16″) to Ghisallo’s Bike Start program! Your payment goes directly to Ghisallo and is tax-deductible! Super cool, huh!?

Never built a bike before? Fear not, Ghisallo’s friendly bike mechanics will be there to help you from start to finish. Each bike takes roughly 15-20 minutes to build.

Here’s all the 411 you need, from start to finish:
1. Set a date and time with Millie at The ABGB.
She’ll help you with all your reservation details as well setting up a group menu if necessary!

2. You and your friends or colleagues purchase as many bikes as you’d like. Our goal is 50 bikes!

3. Pay Ghisallo directly via this link prior to your build.

4. Show up to ABGB at your scheduled time/date ready to build bikes with help from Ghisallo’s bike mechanics.

5. Smile at your hard work because we want to show off how awesome you are on Instagram (@theabgb)

6. Cheers with some beers and lunch, you earned it!

Hell Yes! Now reserve your awesome bike build and we’ll see you here.

Here’s more about Ghisallo’s innovative programs:
The Bike Club program focuses on exploration, navigation, and transportation, provides the opportunity for youth to explore and connect with their communities, to learn to navigate and access the city, and to use their bikes for transportation to the park, the pool, their friend’s house, and school. With this program, Ghisallo works with underserved 3rd-8th graders primarily at Title 1 schools, and since 2013, they have served more than 18,000 youth participants via Bike Clubs and our Earn-A-Bike programs at over 30 sites across Austin!

Bike Start is a learn to ride program. Being able to ride a bike is a life skill that doesn’t just provide physical and mental health benefits, but also enables self-directed transportation. Ghisallo has discovered that a surprisingly high number of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders do not know how to ride a bike. With the new bikes you help us build, we’ll be able to support Ghisallo in expanding this programing to more children in underserved areas of Austin. At full scale, Bike Start would be the only high-volume learn-to-ride program of its kind in Austin.

The Bicycle Skills Challenge program been provided to more than 11,000 youth participants since 2013. These programs develop foundational skills in a large segment of the school population (high-volume, all 3rd – 5th grade students), increasing safety and riding skills proficiency as well as driving interest and demand for cycling and follow-on programs like Bike Clubs.