at The ABGB
Friday, November 06
Show 9:00PM

Clark Paterson

From trans-Atlantic calamities, to the everyday hiccups of a normal guy’s life, Clark has seen turbulent times. His songs are built-up from real world stories about hard-luck and heartbreak, and what we do with the finer moments of life that shatter in-between the peaks and valleys. His art offers a darker glimpse of the truths behind tough times and hard lessons learned. With a freshly blended style of ‘a little bit country’ and ‘a little bit rock ‘n roll’, he has the perfect concoction of quality tunes to soak in while thinking over a cold beer or four. It’s about time to get belly-up to the bar and pop a top for a few rounds of Clark Paterson.

The Hazardous Dukes

Good friends having a good time playing good music. Walking that oh so fine line between outlaw country and rock and roll.