Burgess Meredith 10:30pm  •  Altamesa 9pm
at The ABGB
Friday, November 20
Show 9:00PM

Friday night party. We’ll be nodding our heads and raising our mugs to good times. You will be welcomed. Come on over.

Burgess Meredith

Burgess Meredith is an Austin-based, garage pop rock & roll band. Their name is a nod to the late great actor. Formed by Josh King, John Vishnesky, and Jesse Hester, this dynamic troupe is rounded out with Sarah Castro on high harmonies and Keith Lough on guitar.
The band’s debut album, Banana Moon, was released in April 2012.


While many artists may contentedly exercise their talents in one genre for the length of their careers and lives, others find renewal and inspiration by crossing bridges between what may at a glance seem apparent differences. Of these two categories, Evan Charles belongs to the latter: from the minimalistic yet psychedelic trio The Daze (Straightjacket Hymns, Bad Liar Bad Love) to the four-piece garage-country hybrid of The Sweet Nuthin (The Sweet Nuthin EP), to the more recent involvement as a multi-instrumentalist member of Nic Armstrong and the Thieves, and finally as a guitarist and vocalist in the rock & roll, rhythm and blues quartet The Happen-Ins, Charles has covered some ground throughout a decade spent in the Austin music scene. But none of these groups, despite their diversity, cover the rich landscape of the Folk/Americana tradition. It is to this tradition that Charles has now, with his solo project Altamesa’s most recent record The Long Ride Home, turned his long neglected attention.