The Brewery Tour: July 16
at The ABGB
Saturday, July 16
Show 12:30PM

Saturday afternoon, July 16th! We want you here in the brewery with us. Our brewer, Swifty, will be there with you, taking you through our process and philosophy.

The tour starts at 12:30. You’ll find out: What kind of music helps brew a better lager? What’s their favorite beer to make? Why doesn’t the ABGB brew wheat beers? How do you finish this phrase: “Clean or ____ “? These, and many more burning questions may be answered when you come backstage and hang out with us on a Saturday afternoon.

Your ticket reservation to the tour costs you $6. But when you come for your tour, we’ll give you a beer (and it’s best to tour the brewery with a beer in hand), so it’s practically free. And if your prefer not to have a beer, your $6 can be applied towards an ABGB t-shirt.

The tour is limited to just 25 people (21 and over, please). If the tour has not sold out, we’ll begin taking reservations at the bar at opening on Saturday.

Tickets avail at the link. We will not mail hard tickets. Your name will be put on the tour list. Claim your spot!