Band Of Babies
at The ABGB
Friday, January 15
Show 9:00PM

Band Of Babies

Band of Babies :
Robyn Ludwick
Many a green song writer has squeezed callow lyric from near-empty diaries, hoping that one day life might catch up with their words. Robyn Ludwick entered the world of song primed by years of life lived. When pen did come to paper, it teemed with ink–and was driven by a hand softened by love and strengthened by life.
“Queen of Modern Texas Country Soul” by No Depression

Kacy Crowley
Hippie chick/rock & roller Kacy Crowley took her time getting started. In the early ’90s, she drifted from Los Angeles to New York, filling hushed coffee houses with her high-energy, intensely personal folk ballads. Next, she relocated to Austin, TX, and sang gig after gig along the famed music Mecca of Sixth Street. In laid-back Austin, the East Coast-born and raised singer got in closer touch with her singer/songwriter self, enlisting the collaboration and support of numerous local musicians. Earning a solid reputation around the music-centered town for her blend of easygoing lyricism and rock & roll aggression, Crowley’s star began to rise. In 1997, Atlantic released her first full-length album, Hand to Mouthville, on which Crowley’s local Austin musician friends played.