Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta Pong 11p  •  Hickoids 10p The Surlys 9p  •  The Grundles 8p
at The ABGB
Friday, October 09
Show 8:00PM

ACL is back at the ABGB. The line up has leaked!
PONG is realistic music.
Hickoids are a storied Austin cow-punk outfit.
The Surlys are just damn cool.
The Grundles are a seldom seen muscle group.
Stay tuned. More info to come.


Dance Weirdo Realistic Music.

“Mention the word “pong” in Austin, and odds are responses will range more to the dance spectrum than the early video-game world. Emerging from the ashes of Ed Hall in the late Nineties, guitarist Gary Chester, drummer Lyman Hardy, and bassist Larry Strub formed Pong with guitarist Jason Craig and keyboardist Shane Shelton. Together they became a mighty “retro-futuristic” fusion of melody, beat, lights, and vocal effects.” -The Austin Chronicle


The Hickoids are a storied Austin cow-punk outfit that were originally formed back in 1984 and issued 3 releases on the Toxic Shock label which were also licensed and released in the UK (Fundamental/Red Rhino) and Germany (Musical Tragedies). The band toured the US extensively throughout the mid and late 80’s, but drunkeness, frequent line-up changes, perpetual poverty and legal beefs caused the boys to call it a day in 1991. After taking a decade-plus off for bad behavior the boys reformed in 2006 and have released two new albums since reforming 2011’s “Kicking It With The Twits” and “Hairy Chafin’ Ape Suit” in 2013.

The Surlys

The Surlys are a hard rock trio formed in April 2013, often compared to the Runaways and the Ramones but with diverse early-punk influences. They’ve played at festivals like the annual Pocket FishRmen Fish Fry, the Punk Rock Olympics, and Stench Fest. Club gigs have included the Lost Well, Badlands, Hole in the Wall, Spiderhouse Ballroom, Gypsy Lounge, the Gatsby, the Longbranch Inn, Casino Southside Lounge, the 04 Lounge, the Big Star Bar (Houston), the Mix (San Antonio) and some high-falootin’ punk rock house parties.

The Grundles

For three years now we’ve rocked house, ranch, warehouse, garage, and bar alike, and we take having fun very, very, seriously.