ATX6 at ABGB feat Otis Wilkins, Acey Monaro, Little Mazarn
at The ABGB
Thursday, September 14
Show 8:00PM

🍕 The ABGB. Thursday, August 14. Be there, or be hungry. 🍕
If there truly exists anything that can improve the perfect combo of pizza and beer, it’s the music of the ATX6. Come get great food, craft beer, and those good vibes while sending the artists of Project ATX6 off to their European Festival dates in style.

8:30p Little Mazarn
9:15p Acey Monaro (of GO FEVER)
10:15 Otis Wilkins (of Otis the Destroyer)

The 2017 ATX6 will travel to Angers, France, Hamburg, Germany, Oita, Japan, Toronto, Canada, and our very own Austin, Texas. The ATX6 are going the distance this year, but bringing their music (and the music of Texas) to international audiences, and the ability to share this experience with ATX through film, video and audio projects, begins with YOUR support — attend our preview shows, support our musicians, buy an album, t-shirt, bring a friend — and help us showcase Austin music and hardworking musicians to a global audience.

Since 2014, Project ATX6 has selected 6 Austin musicians to keep it weird at music festivals across the world. From Reeperbahn in Germany, to Austin Week in France, the chosen 6 tour internationally, gaining experience, exposure, and making memories everywhere they go.

Their story of adventure is yours; see the world without being a tourist by following along with @projectATX6 on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.