Alien Knife Fight 11P  •  Hollow Trees 10P  •  The Rotten Mangos 9P
at The ABGB
Saturday, October 03
Show 8:00PM

Alien Knife Fight

Alien Knife Fight are a creative duo based in the small junction town of Creedmoor, Texas (population 202). They work from their home studio, Big Bottom Farm, at all hours, creating their unique sound. Monique’s powerful, punch in the gut vocals and grinding slide & fretless chops, backed by Mike’s primal beats, are frequently described by fans and bloggers as “Slide Punk”, and “Gothic Blues”.

Hollow Trees

“Who is this band? They are so good!”

The Rotten Mangos

We come from a planet far away made entirely of smelly old heaps of rotten fruits (predominately mangos) and one day decided to come to earth with our instruments to escape the terrible odor that haunts our nostrils to this very moment.