A. Sinclair 10:15p  •  Altamesa 9p
at The ABGB
Saturday, October 21
Show 9:00PM

A. Sinclair

 “A. Sinclair is a mature project aiming for honesty and joy in the music itself. They’re not flashy or glamorous, finding more musical satisfaction in simple tone work and phrasing. The pace is always quick and varying; boosted by a sense of urgency and a clear message. Their debut release, “Pretty Girls” is a grouping of jittery, garage-rock jams with a healthy dose of group choruses, fuzzy vocals and steady percussion.


Evan Charles & Altamesa The idea of Altamesa born of an offhand conversation with producer and multi-instrumentalist Jonas Wilson (Lomita, The White White Lights, The Midnight Stroll), who was familiar both with Evan Charles’ songwriting in The Sweet Nuthin and with his side work in The Happen-ins and Nic Armstrong and the Thieves. “He told me, ‘Hey, all this stuff you’re doing is great but you need to get back to doing your own songs.’ So I said, ‘Alright, let’s make a record.’ We took Leonard Cohen’s Songs From A Room and Neil Young’s Harvest as our sonic reference points and went from there.”