A Night With WaylonAustin's All-Star Celebration of Waylon Jennings
at The ABGB
Thursday, June 16
Show 9:00PM

We’re celebrating Waylon Jennings birthday (albeit one day late!), and you’re invited to the party.

A Moment In Time Productions Event featuring:

Host: Lucas Hudgins
All Star Waymore’s House Band
Dave Biller
Nathan Flemming
Doug Strahan
Kristopher Lee Wade
Matthew Puryear
Benito “Ace” Acevedo

Featured Singers:
Lucas Hudgins
Billy Broome
Carson McHone
Roger Wallace
Doug Strahan
Weldon Henson
Emily Hello
Audrey Malone
Bo Porter
Bracken Hale
Jacob Alan Jaeger
Jimmie Graves
Joel Hoffman
Bobby Marlar
Shawn Nelson
Charlie Mason
Johnny Dango
Sean Lewis
….and more!