Belcurve 10:15p  •  Magic Rockers Of Texas 9p
at The ABGB
Friday, August 04
Show 9:00PM


“There is songwriter Sarah Castro, who has not only worked with several other bands but also stands out as a solo artist with an incredible vocal range and heart-piercing lyrics; Matt Parmenter (Quiet Company), working as only a mad-scientist gearhead would in creating unique sound palettes with an endless list of musical-based toys that would send any geek salivating; Blue Mongeon (East Cameron Folkcore) delivering the wicked guitar magic; the mighty Michael “Halftime” Peters giving it all on drums and percussion; and the resonant harmonies of one Deidre Gott (KUTX’s very own, full disclosure), bringing additional mastery of percussion/sounds and tambourine.”

Magic Rockers Of Texas

Magic Rockers of Texas
Jim Campo, Mcgarrity Stanley, Mike Huff, and Chris Kues make up band made up a goulash of members from Berkshire Hounds, Rotten Mangoes, and Brown v. Board.